Music Review: Kenyth Mogan – Fall Apart

Kenyth Mogan
Fall Apart


Kenyth.Mogan.Fall.Apart.EP.CoverIt’s always fun to be introduced to an artist at the beginning. The amount of courage it takes to put your work and hopes out to the public is incredible in this age of intrusive social media, so it’s not surprising Kenyth Mogan plays it a little safe with his radio-friendly debut EP. It has all the earmarks of an artist ready to take on the cutthroat music business: catchy tunes, dance-pop sensibilities and a fresh-faced vocalist who wouldn’t be out of place in Glee. The EP features three original and two cover tunes. It’s the original tunes — showcasing Mogan’s songwriting abilities — that should get him noticed. “(Let Me) Unlock Your Heart” and the excellent “One Worth Losing” are fun “going to my happy place” moments, but the title track is the core of Mogan’s sound. It’s obvious from the first listen why it was chosen as the single. It could easily fit in alongside the current hits of One Direction, Bruno Mars or even Zedd with its swashes of synths swirling around Mogan emotional vocals. Unfortunately, the covers Mogan chooses may not have been the best. It’s obvious he loves the songs, but they sound like outtakes. Both “Mickey” and “I Like ‘Em Big and Stupid” are silly, amusing songs, but Mogan approaches them with almost too much earnestness. The take away here is that Mogan should stick to honing his songwriting craft and trying covers more inline with the emotional cadence of his voice. Still, Fall Apart is a worthy showcase of an up-and-coming artist to give to record labels and this EP could easily find an audience with the Glee crowd.

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