Favorite Albums of 2013 – #7: Holy Ghost!

7. Holy Ghost! – Dynamics

This, their second album, is their first proper one. Holy Ghost! was more a collection of singles they had made over the years. On Dynamics, they’ve come up with some fun dance numbers, but also explore a more mature sound. Some of the tracks here owe much to 70’s pop music — ironically before disco. The 80’s are still prevalent in their chosen New Order-esque synth sounds, but the slower songs like “It Must Be the Weather” are like Genesis gone completely electronic and “I Wanna Be Your Hand” might as well be an England Dan & John Ford Coley song. Not as strong as their debut, Dynamics is at times fun and introspective; however, if they continue to write disco epics like “Dumb Disco Ideas,” they will keep their fan base.

Favorite songs: “Okay” | “Dumb Disco Ideas” | “It Must Be the Weather” | “Don’t Look Down”

The entire list… so far.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Albums of 2013 – #7: Holy Ghost!

  1. My list won’t be posted until the 30th, but I’m thinking it’s a good bet Holy Ghost will land in my top five… maybe even #1… I really liked this album, but agree it falls short in a few spots compared to their initial effort.

    1. My Top 10 moved around so much over the past two weeks and now that I’m down to the Top 5 it’s a struggle to finalize the homestretch. At one point, that Cut Copy album was at #2.

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