Favorite Albums of 2013 – #5: Alison Moyet

5. Alison Moyet – The Minutes

Alison has been making music for 40 years running through new wave, electropop, and balladry all with her trademark panache for torch song and all of which are splendidly displayed on her “return to roots” The Minutes. Songs like “When I Was Your Girl” and “Remind Yourself” look back as both are well-practiced, burned-heart numbers; however, what is surprising is this 52-year-old songstress dabbles in dub step most prominently on “Changeling” and “Right As Rain” and it works. The intensity of the electronics are perfectly paired with her passionate voice and biting “fuck off” lyrics. And what lyrics. Here is the main reason to listen to any Alison Moyet album: “You jump too soon and miss all this/Now something beautiful happens,” “If you can’t find peace in my arms/Find dis-ease in my arms,” and “Take with you when you go/The smile that you’ve been sketching on my face” are just a few of the anger-filled hurt of The Minutes — an amazing and surprising entry from a well-practiced torch artist.

Favorite songs: “Horizon Flame” | “Changeling” | “Love Reign Supreme” | “Filigree”

The entire list… so far.

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