Favorite Albums of 2015: 15 – 11

15. Nellie McKay – My Weekly Reader

The once darling new comer has basically fallen into obscurity somewhat caused by head-strong creativity and fighting with labels; however, this second collection of remakes comes as a surprise. Her first was a collection of Dorris Day songs and was well received. This one is a mix of 60’s and 70’s nostalgia and is quite charming.

Favorite songs: “Murder in My Heart For the Judge,” “Itchycoo Park,” “If I Fell”

14. Dan Deacon – Gliss Riffer

Introduced to me by [adult swim] with an animated video for “When I Was Done Dying” this collection of murky electronic alt-pop is weird, fun, and catchy. At times, it’s all three. The instrumentals can wear a little thin, but his others are interesting lyrical takes on death and strange stories.

Favorite songs: “Feel the Lightning,” “When I Was Done Dying,” “Meme Generator”

13. Blur – The Magic Whip

The long awaiting return of one of the 90’s best alternative bands is not a return to their heights of old, but more of a modernization of their sound. There’s been a decade or two behind them so there is a bit more soul searching here. It easily fits in with their last couple of collections before they broke up and is a must for Blur fans.

Favorite songs: “Ice Cream Man,” “I Broadcast,” “There Are Too Many of Us”

12. Belle and Sebastian – Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance

Belle & Sebatian has tried many things, but a true dance album they have not. They traveled to Atlanta to work with a new producer and came with a fun collection of sugary-sweet pop songs which make for some good, old-fashioned toe tapping. A couple of the longer songs outstay their welcome, but “The Party Line” is one of the best singles.

Favorite songs: “The Party Line,” “Nobody’s Empire” “Perfect Couples”

11. Destroyer – Poison Season

Since Kaputt (my #1 album of 2011) was big enough to get Dan Bejar on late night television, the band has revolted against fame. He has said he throw the three catchiest songs out and settled on experimental with a more orchestrated feel. This has lead to some disappointment; however, after a few listens the secrets held within start to reveal themselves.

Favorite songs: “Dream Lover,” “Forces From Above,” “Times Square”

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3 thoughts on “Favorite Albums of 2015: 15 – 11

  1. Belle and Sebastian’s latest was a pleasant surprise to me and has helped to fill the void left by the Scissor Sisters in the dance-pop universe. Happy to see it on your list! Kind of waffling on Blur. I used to really like their stuff, but the new album didn’t hit the right notes for me… not sure why.

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