Favorite Albums of 2016: #4

4. DUST – Agony Planet
Welcome to Agony Planet. A harsh, dangerous place where only the bravest thrill-seeking ravers go to party. Outside is a world filled with hostile aliens and wastelands of acid pools. Inside is a huge compound filled with dance music so menacing, you wonder if it’s meant to party or to warn — which is the reason Agony Planet is on this list. DUST does an amazing job of taking house and techno – genres filled with repetitive beats and hooks — and creating a sci-fi horror techno rave soundtrack around them. Only a few songs have vocals (by a woman named Greem Jellyfish), but those are the songs where the horror and madness are most visceral making Agony Planet quite unlike any dance record on Earth. Meanwhile, inside the club, something sinister is about to be born unbeknownst to those lost in the music…

Favorite songs: “Breeding Pit,” “Xenocide,” “Tell Me,” “She Woke Up in Water”

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

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